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Our Story

Every year, 200 million Himalaya products enter the homes of consumers around the world. With a range of over 300 healthcare and personal care
products including brands like Liv.52, Cystone, and Bonnisan, we touch the lives of millions of customers worldwide, giving them products that help them lead healthier, enriched lives.

Consumers Speak

  • I just thought I must take the time to thank Himalaya Health for keeping me posted and for keeping me and my loved ones healthy. I want to share an experience with you which is alright if you put it up anywhere but do not mention my real name or personal details. Years ago, my late father developed a severe skin allergy on his palms. Many months later, he was told it was a food allergy – both prawns and root vegetables such as turnips, etc. Despite visiting many skin specialists, his palms still remained red and peeling and it made him feel terrible to extend a handshake until one day sitting at a temple, another devotee saw his palms and told him to take Septilin. We were amazed at the results but more so, the allergy strangely left him after that and he never had it again.

    Today, Liv. 52, Septilin, Himcocid, Geriforte…. Himalaya Shampoos and Creams, we really trust them!! Thank you, Himalaya Health!! I hope your products will always be our “lucky charm” for good health.
    Esther, India
  • I have been using Nourishing Skin Cream to moisturize my face and as a primer before my make up. I have discovered that my make up goes on a lot easier, blends better because the surface is smoother.
    Roseanne Tang, Lifestyle Blogger, Singapore
  • Himalaya Neem Face Wash is a good product. I used it only 1 month and my 90% pimple gone.
    Chandan Mondal, India
  • I have been advised by Doctor to take the medicine Cystone for my treatment. After using the medicine I found very good result and comfort in the treatment. I’m very much thankful for Himalaya products. Products are excellent
    S Dason, India
  • When I was travelling India, I used complete care toothpaste. It was very good experience and my tooth is in good condition.
    Takashi, Japan
  • At the outset, thanks for inventing the product Brahmi! My hearty Congratulations for the same. Brahmi is of great use to me to manage my anxiety
    Mr Srinivas, India
  • I am looking for a lip balm by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. It's the best lip balm ever. Thanks!
    Ms Maureen Mahoney, United States
  • Your product Liv 52DS has proved very effective for me. I used to take these tablets whenever necessary with growing age
    Ms Anjali A Kulkarni, India
  • Thank you very much for your quick response on my request. I found it really helpful and rather informative as well. I tried the cure myself and got a fast relief. I was convinced that the Himalaya's Septilin can really be recommended to anyone who suffers from Sinusitis with a great confidence
    Tharanga Weerathunga, Sri Lanka
  • Nourishing skin cream is really affordable for a multi-purpose cream. I can use it anywhere on my body as a body cream, and its light enough for my face.
    Silver Ang, Lifestyle blogger & part time Model. Singapore
  • I am Pallabi. I had pimples few years back. Now my skin is totally free of pimples use Himalaya Neem Face Wash for the last two years
    Ms Pallabi, India
  • I have been using the Neem Face Wash and it helped with my acne problem. Thank you for such lovely Eco friendly products
    Ramya, India
  • I recently had a one month holiday in India and I purchased one of your products for joint pain, my brother purchased two products for the sinus problems he was having. We were both impressed with the results, thank-you
    Mrs Susan Judd, New Zealand
  • I’ve just bought a new Himalaya Lip Balm. It's nice to use. Its design is nice
    Mr Aashik Rahmaan, India
  • I tried your product, Rumalaya Gel and it was really fantastic.I suffer from Osteoarthritis and my pain was intolerable. The gel has helped me a lot
    Dr Sarah Bhonkar, Israel
  • I am very happy to inform you that I am using your medicines since long for instance GASEX, LIV52, CYSTONE, HIMPLASIA and satisfied, my whole family follows the same. Your product ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO and ANTIDANDRUFF HAIR OIL had shown fantastic result growing new hair in my bald head. I am 65 years old. RECENTLY during my visit to Kashmir I found an excellent product while purchasing cosmetics from your outlet on SHRINAGAR AIRPORT, HIMALAYA PAIN BALM and COLD BALM, The pain balm particularly as written on wrapper meant for headache and pain but I tried it and found that it is most effective on my allergic bronchitis and non productive sticking cough. I suffer the same in change of season and no response to even antibiotic medicine. I am relaxed, thanks and congratulations.
    Mr R.G. Desai, India
  • I adore Himalaya products, its Neem purifying face wash, Neem scrub, Guduchi capsules, Brahmi Capsules, Koflet cough syrup, Evecare Syrup, soft and shiny protein shampoo and conditioner etc etc. There are so many Himalaya products that I loyally use
    Ms Catherine, United Kingdom
  • I love Himalaya products. I have a Acne n Pimple cream from Himalaya, I also have a Himalaya Lip balm, and a Himalaya protein hair cream. And I love all your products soooo......... much. Especially the Acne n Pimple cream, I can now walk tall with a clear face thanks to your product. Himalaya is a brand used and trusted by my family for ages .I also like the lip balm it moisturises my lips just right and it is not too glossy. . .which is just what I was looking for. THANK YOU HIMALAYA
    Sreya Miriam Abraham, India
  • I bought your foot care cream. it worked magically on me. now my crack on foot completely eliminated. i am hereby sharing my happiness and thanks for the above.Please give some more good offers and combo packs in future as well.I already used some of your products and experienced the goodness. Keep going high.Once again thanks for your products
    Mr Sajeesh Krishnanunni, India
  • I have bought last week 1 piece of Complete Care Toothpaste from a supermarket, having in mind the fact that I've used Himalaya pharmaceutical products years ago, with very good results. After only 4 days of using this toothpaste for my parodontosis issue, I had a nice surprise: my teeth and gums are no more bleeding. Congratulations ! It is a very good product, with nice, pleasant taste and great efficacity !
    Ms Anisoara Toma, Romania
  • I am very happy to share my amazing experience with Cystone tablet in a patient. The 34 yr old pt came with a USG result showing a12mm stone in his rt.ureter. I advised him Cystone 2bid for 2 weeks. On the 12th day the stone passed out through urine. Thanks for Himalaya
    Dr Yaseen Ishaq
  • Hi, I love Himalaya .I really want to say thanks so much. I was having on my face pimples, blackhead...But by using your Neem face wash/scrub/pack...now all things are gone. N be so happy n I love myself more now...So thanks a lot for making my life so problems free... And I use all things...Only of yours love u Himalaya... :)
    Purva Harpale, India
  • Thank you for your email and interest, concern to answer my question, i hope in the future Himalaya health care always be innovate and always maintain the customer trusting that Himalaya always making safety and 100 vegan herbal products for their customer, always move on Himalaya a step ahead in safety herbal products.
    Darwin Utomo, Indonesia
  • Dear Himalaya crew members, I take this opportunity to thank you all whole heartedly. I travelled from Coimbatore to Edinburgh last week with my eight months old baby. It was a long journey and I was frustrated about how I'm going to manage my kid all alone. We were supposed to stay in Bangalore airport till half of the night. I was wondering where I am going to stay, feed and make my baby sleep. Your baby care room was astonishing. I felt so secure in it and everything was perfect in it. the interior, hygiene, aroma, cradle , maintenance n everything was too good. I felt like home being there and my baby was very comfortable too. I didn't feel like to go out of it so that I didn't even have my dinner. It was the same when I did check in and went to the baby change room upstairs too. I had my transit in Paris and I expected the same there. But it was disappointing. I just made an entry in your visitors book but didn't have much time to write in detail. Anyway Thank you for making my trip a pleasant and a memorable one.
    Usha Devi, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • I have been in India for 5 months now and I have never been so satisfied with a product as I have with Himalaya. It's the only brand I use and it works so very well with my skin and body
    Thara Moise, USA
  • After Applying nourishing skin cream, I don’t feel greasy or Sticky at all, it takes just a few seconds to seep into my skin. Leaving nothing but smooth moisturized skin
    Miyo Sonia Han, Lifestyle Blogger Singapore
  • Thanks a lot for Purifying Neem face Wash. It has really helped me to get rid of my pimples. Tried a lot other things which did not work as good as this!!
    Nikhil, India
  • I do love all the cosmetic products of Himalaya! Good luck!
    Nurayim Solobaeva, Kyrgyzstan
  • I was recently in India and purchased several of your products. I think they are great and would like to order some more. Thank you.
    Mr Gretchen Deresz, Florida